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Church Office
D-120/123, First Floor, Kailash Vaibhav D-Wing
Next to Kailash Complex
Hiranandani -Vikhroli Link Road,
Park Site, Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai 400079
Ph:  91 22 2518 5829 / 2517 0364
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After Hours
Ph: 91 22 2572 4191

Contact our Pastor
Rev. Dr. Cecil Clements,
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   Comments by people who have visited this site.

V.N. Gopalakrishnan    10 April 2011 18:07 | Powai
I happen to browse through the web portal and am impressed by the quality of contents and presentation. Lot of professionalism has gone into the design and presentation. Kudos to the team for making this attractive website.
V.N. Gopalakrishnan

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

KENNETH    08 April 2011 20:45 | Yemen
Thanks pastor for "I am the bread of life" sermon I was blessed with the 30min message I was introduced to this site by my sister Thelma. It was a blessing.
In Him.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Joshua Ebenezer    13 March 2011 14:29 | Mumbai
It's now the people's turn to pray for the preachers.

Though all Christians will have to pass through trials and tribulations, those in Christian ministry and leadership will be the primary target of the devil., I would say that those in leadership positions must not be envied but pitied. Godly leaders never came up to their positions by their choice or grabbing of seats. More often than we think, God puts them there more or less by compulsion.

Constant weight of responsibilities, sleepless nights due to pressures and problems, frequent travels, hectic schedule, pressures due to unrealistic expectations of people, non-cooperation and strife among coworkers, challenges and threats from the enemies of the gospel, financial strain, family problems, repeated temptations and scores of such things tire the leaders physically, exhaust them mentally and drain them spiritually. No wonder even champions like prophet Elijah cried, "It is enough, Lord, take my life!" (1 Ki 19:4).

The Strike-the-Shepherd operation of Satan has gathered momentum in these last days. Every other preacher is ill with some chronic disease. God's servants meeting with frightful accidents is no more a surprise. Family conflicts and moral failures are commonplace. Corruption is rampant. Only now the people are understanding that preachers and leaders are not angels but just human. Preachers have prayed enough for people.

The cross of loneliness is the heaviest for leaders. The closest disciples were fighting for prominence and positions while Jesus was preparing to drink the cup of bitterness. They slept off while He was sweating blood. Even the guardian angels were absent for a while. It appeared to Jesus on the Cross that God also had forsaken Him.

Dear friends, do all that's possible to encourage the leaders, refresh them and support them. If they do well, we will will be the beneficiary.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

keijo    15 December 2010 10:52 | sweden
Merry christmas and many regard for life in Christ with thanksgiving and pleasure of heaven in celebrate for Jesus in hearts passion with the songs and the Holy Spirits power and joy and be used of God more and more ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Daniel Tan    06 November 2010 02:36 | Perth
Thank you so much for the messages to be Channel of Blessings at the CBMC 9th world convention in Singapore. It was relevant and revelation. Yes, time is running out. We must take every opportunity to preach the kingdom of God.

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