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What about Social Holiness?

It’s November, folks!  Ten months have come and gone and 2009 is on the cusp of history!  It’s been a good year, all things considered, hasn’t it?  But here’s a thought for you.  A challenging one too.
John Wesley said:  “The gospel of Christ knows of no religion, but social; no holiness but social holiness.”  If that is true, then our lives must spill over into society.  Our holiness must permeate the community.  Question is, has it?  Every time I read 2 Kings 4:9 and come across the Shunammite woman’s observation of Elisha—“I perceive that he is a holy man of God”—I am challenged.  Do people see me as holy?  Do they see us, His Church, His Bride, as holy?  Do they see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven? 

That’s my thought.  And it’s come to the surface because I was broken by a provocative video I saw entitled “The Day My God Died.”  It’s on YouTube at this link:

Two friends I met in Lincoln, Nebraska—Paul Yates and Doug Dvorak—challenged me with their love and compassion for these hapless, traumatized, naive kids.  They’ve started an organization called, committed to rescuing these children ‘one girl at a time.’  They’re also starting a prayer movement across the world to make sure that there is spiritual cover for what they are doing.  You can see details of this initiative on their website .     They’re taking God’s light into dark and sordid places, trying to ensure societal change because of their faith, and I’m challenged.

So watch this video my friends, and think about social holiness and touching these dark places with God’s light and bringing a spark of life back to these innocent girls who’ve lost their innocence in such brutal ways, and then let’s DO something.

Because of His Amazing Grace,
Rev. Dr. Cecil Clements

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Lonnie Phillips  - The day my God died   |17-11-2009 08:44:26
This video not only challenged me but opened my eyes to a social injustice
taking place right under our noses. After watching the video I went for my
usual walk and felt a deep burden to pray for all the girls who at that moment
were enslaved in the sex industry. Intercession is a key to allowing God's
light to penetrate the evil and wickedness. Thank you for showing the video.

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