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Unfinished Business

Mounth PathIt wasn’t the easiest of journeys.  The road from Nazareth to Bethlehem was a trek.  Mountainous terrain was par for the course.  Monstrous boulders towered in the distance, aloof, yet majestic in their sweep and breath, challenging the traveler all the way from Galilee to Judea.  Mt. Tabor, Gilboa and Gerizim, were mountain ranges that the earth had once coughed up by the will of One who spoke, and the void had obeyed.

Dotting the horizon, however, a tired group comprising man, woman and beast made their way anonymously into the hustle and bustle of census–time Bethlehem.  Weary beast carried a tired woman; tired woman carried an almost ready-to-be-born Babe and anxious man, looked with darting eyes for “neon” signs that would inform of vacant rooms.

The time was nigh—Kairos time.  Time that differentiated between human and Divine appointments.  Time that emanated from the Creator—pregnant with meaning, direction and purpose.  God was choosing to act.  Love was bursting at heavenly seams.  Renewed fellowship with His creation was His prime agenda, and in an obscure town of Judea, through simple, yet obedient servants, God’s plan to “…draw all men unto Himself,” was set in motion.

The Holy Spirit would inspire John the “Revelator” to say that the “Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  Theologians would one day call it the “Incarnation.”  Sociologists and Anthropologists, at least those who recognized the uniqueness of God’s incredible plan, would write reams about the efficacy of contextualization and the need to communicate in culturally relevant forms.  And humanity would once again be given the chance to be reconciled with their Creator—to draw “…near with confidence” and accept the free gift of eternal life.

Wearily, they must have dismounted in front of this roadside inn.  Tiredly, Mary must have looked around at four-legged mid-wives who knew nothing of helping a two-legged creation wrap up a gestation period.  And into that obscure, cattle shed God birthed His plan of Salvation placing His greatest gift to humanity in the care of simple, ordinary, your every-day-next-door-neighbour-type, Joseph and Mary.

Wow!  What a risk! That’s a God-kinda risk, isn’t it?  That’s a risk that a God who has unparalleled faith in His creation would take.    That’s the kind of God who is not worried about His creation messing up, goofing up or letting Him down.  That’s a confident. Persistent God.

And has been doing that o’er the centuries.  Pulling out men and women for specific tasks; placing the responsibility of His message of Salvation upon their shoulders, and believing that they will do the job.  And some failed and some have succeeded.  Some have made failure a stepping stone to success, while still others have given up, falsely thinking that the task was too heavy to accomplish.  Yet He persists.  Willing His people on to share the importance and significance of a Baby born to be King.  One who left the riches and comfort of Heaven to mark out along the dusty trails of human history a blood-stained path that continues to lead men and women back to Him.

This Advent season, He continues to look for Messengers.  Gabriel did his job.  Mary and Joseph did theirs.  The Apostles, the Early Church Fathers, the Martyrs of Christendom have all done theirs.  And today He looks at His church.  At us, wondering if we will pick up the unfinished task of letting people know that the search for Him is over, that HE has found us.

That’s our challenge this season.  Amidst frenetic Christmas activity; in the midst of “Birthday” celebrations; in the busyness of choir practices and drama rehearsals, will we find time to introduce our friends to the One whose birthday we are celebrating?

A thought to ponder.



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