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Thinking through Thinking

ImageAt the beginning of this year, amid all the celebrations, Pastor challenged us to live this New Year in the “ought” mode rather than the “is” mode.  A month has gone by and I wonder if the novelty of the New Year has died out and we’ve already run out of steam or if each day still holds promise and expectation.  In the hugely popular film ‘3 Idiots’ that had a lot of such moments of build up of expectation, one theme that kept coming up was that of innovation,  perhaps even the triumph of innovation over the drudgery of bookish knowledge for success. Many students or even those whose jobs require innovation and creativity in our society might have been very inspired by this much needed message.

I have often wondered however, about what brings on innovative thinking? How sometimes we make connections and things just seem to occur to us, or sometimes after hours, days, months, even years of looking at the same data to our horror, regardless of deadlines or expectations, brilliance obstinately refuses to happen. Do we have impressions intuitively, or do we think, like John Locke would say, through experience?

Then again this question is perhaps best left to the profound types… it did however bring to my mind one precious verse that came alive for us in a Bible study in our church a few months back on ‘Hearing the voice of God’ in which people shared how they had discerned God’s voice in their lives through the reading of the Bible, impressions in their minds and even through incidents and experiences. The verse comes from John 16: 13, “But when He the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth…” All truth must mean all truth: truth of issues in our work places and therefore to solutions and even the truth of our subjects of study... if we would but incline our ears. The book of Proverbs tells us that the desires of the diligent are satisfied (Proverbs 13:4). It is my prayer that this year as we apply ourselves to our work or study, the joys of discovery and creativity would be ours. Extended happy New Year greetings!

Sanjeevini Badigar

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