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The Hour of His Visitation

Image Excitement in the air, a buzz in the crowd, children shouting excitedly; palm branches waving, coats being unbuttoned—all contributing to a red carpet welcome for this ONE who was entering Jerusalem. What a welcome!  Crowds lining up all along the streets; what anticipation—shouts of hosannas ringing through the air; what love, that drew the Saviour back to Jerusalem, and what commitment, knowing that impending death was on the other side of all this hype.  

The Father’s plan was being put in motion, an audacious, loving plan that would bring justice and love together.  Extreme polarities they had been till now, each existing to the exclusion of the other, but at the cross, planted on those dusty, unyielding slopes of Golgotha, in between two die-hard criminals, Love reached out to justice and handed over the payment for the redemption of the world—the sinless, unblemished life of the Son of God in exchange for the lives of a sinful, stubbornly obstinate creation.  

What a transaction!  What an incredible offer, served on a platter for every believing person.  John W. Peterson penned it so well:  “And the transaction so quickly was made when as a sinner I came, took of the offer of grace He did proffer—He saved me, O praise His dear name.” 

What love!  So incredible, so freely offered, so uplifting, so forgiving, offered to you and me without reservation, without conditions, and without hesitation so we could sing: “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul, when at the cross my Saviour made me whole, my sins were washed away and my night was turned to day, (yes!) Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.”

But for the crowds that day, their adulation was short-lived.  Cries of “Hosanna He comes…” would soon give way to “Crucify Him!”  Branches would turn into whips that would gouge the flesh off of this Holy One of God, and praises would turn into taunts as Jerusalem missed “the hour of their visitation”  (Luke 19:44).  What a damning, sad, and indicting statement from the Saviour—they missed Him!  John would later write: “He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him” (John 1:11).

How is that possible?  Did they not observe His life and know how sinless He was?  Had they not seen the miracles He did and recognize that His power came from Heaven?  Were they not moved by the depth of His teaching, and convinced that this “authority” He spoke with emanated from His Father in Heaven?  Then how could they have missed Him?  And if they could, can we?  Is it possible that we who live on this side of the cross can miss Him? We who have seen miracles around us done through His power, can doubt Him?  Or even we, who have the written Word so freely around us, not know Him?  I hope not.  Let it not be said of us that we too, missed His visitation.  Let us embrace the Love that came down from Heaven, let us appropriate the sacrifice made on our behalf, and let us sing with the song-writer: “O what a wonderful, wonderful day, day I will never forget; after I’d wandered in darkness away, Jesus my Saviour I met…and Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!”



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