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ImageSolitude is a choice; loneliness is not.  Solitude discourages company; loneliness desperately seeks it.  And solitude was what HE chose.  The venue was the garden--thick brushes, tall trees, and Morning Glories shut down for the night.  The subdued hues of the moon dancing off the undulating slopes of hillocks created a perfect environment for prayer and solitude--one last questioning cry, one anguished soliloquy from Son to Father, encapsulated in one poignant question: “Is this Your will?” 

Bloody sweat drops, angelic attendance and snoring friends were the visible props of this pre-crucifixion drama. But what captured my attention was a word we don’t hear often enough: “nevertheless.”  The old King James Version uses the word in Luke 22:42 “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done” (italics mine). Nevertheless. Never, never the less.

No word sufficiently captures the intensity and gravity of the decision Jesus was wrestling with, than the word “nevertheless.”  And broken down into three, the word adds further meaning—never, the less.  Our wills can only be less than the Father’s, and Jesus knew it.  That’s why He said in the Greek: “…but not the will of me but of you be done.”  The greater will, not the lesser, must triumph—and it did!  And history was made, salvation was offered and the gap between God and man bridged forever.  Nevertheless!

January is quickly speeding by, and 2012 is gathering speed.  For me, for you, life goes on and it’s business as usual.  The sun is up, the Morning Glories bloom and decisions are easy to make.  But every now and then they come, those hard, unrelenting situations that force painful rumination and agonizing reflection, forcing us to choose those places of solitude that would help us shut out the incessant clamour of dissonant voices and the slumbering sounds of well-meaning friends; times when we are called to make the right decision, however difficult, however painful, and my prayer, my hope for you is that you will make the right choice and that those choices will never be for the “less,” but always, always for the “more.”

Nevertheless, my friends, karpe diem, let’s seize the day!


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