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A Holy Church

ImageWhat is church?  Now that is a loaded question for many.  I recently read a post on one of the social networking sights which said, “We need more Christianity and less Churchianity.”  It seems like many within Christendom today are trying to create a doctrine that one can walk with Jesus and yet not be a part of a local church.  Many who subscribe to this doctrine are usually people who have been hurt within a church or have seen or been a part of church splits.  Anytime one gets hurt within a local body of believers it can leave a bad taste in one’s mouth and yet the Lord has chosen the assembling together of believers to be that avenue to manifest His presence and bring healing and wholeness into the life of a believer. 

Many would like to relegate the Church to simply being the Universal Church and hence there really isn’t a need to belong to a local assembly.  That view goes contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ because at the very heart of our faith in Jesus Christ is our relationship with each other.  When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, preached the very first sermon, we see a Mega-Church of three-thousand souls birthed in one day.

What made this more unique was the fruit of Pentecost.  When the Holy Spirit came upon all those who put their faith in Jesus Christ what resulted was not only salvation but a revelation of being born again into a family of faith.  This family of faith couldn’t get enough of each other.  They would meet together in homes during the week having a meal, talking about what the Apostles were teaching and praying together.  Scripture even says they had all things in common and were selling their property to help each other out financially.  

The very first church in Jerusalem wasn’t a perfect church.  They had disagreements.  There was partiality concerning which group of widows were served first and yet they continued to seek the Lord’s leading through the Holy Spirit in working out their issues.  It is in working out our issues with each other that makes church purposeful and relevant because Christ is at the very center leading us into unity.  This kind of unity causes the world to take notice.

As Jesus is praying to the Father before His crucifixion He compares the unity that exists between Him and the Father with the unity that is being perfected within His church.   John 17:23 says, “I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.

The way the world comes to know that God sent His Son Jesus as an expression of His love for us is through the relationships that exist within His Church.  They will see people from various cultural and economic backgrounds  humbling themselves, forgiving each other when a wrong has been done and helping one another when there is a need.  That is something not of this world but is other than.  It takes on the air of that which is Holy, something set apart, revealing Jesus Christ working in the hearts of His sons and daughters.  Beloved, let us seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit knowing that we are a part of a family of faith and it is within this family that the Lord reveals Himself to the world.  Let us not forsake the assembling together but encourage one another all the more as we see the day drawing near. Heb.10:25.

 Praise be to Jesus!  Amen!

Pastor Lonnie

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