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A Difficult Crossing

ImageIt’s going to be difficult to enter the New Year with joyous celebration.  The events of this past month have stolen that sentiment.  And yet, the year 2013 is upon us, and ready or not, at midnight we will cross over into a brand new year.  Celebrations will be muted, festivities subdued and good wishes restrained, for the scepter of a vile and evil act shrouds the revelry of a New Year.  The madness doesn’t seem to be restricted to any one place in particular—a young life snuffed out in New Delhi, a tongue cut off in Bonn, an innocent commuter pushed on to tracks in New York and the senseless killings in Connecticut are just samplings of the evil that seems to be so pervasive.  And while exposés through the media and protestations through social networks have created a groundswell of support for victims and their families, “bleak” seems to be the operative word for the year 2013.  Wadsworth’s words resonate with the mood of most: “For hate is strong and mocks the song, of peace on earth, goodwill to men.”  And yet, the silver lining in these dark clouds must be hope—hope for truth to prevail, for right to overcome wrong, for positive channels for anger and outrage, for words of comfort and compassion for hurting brothers and sisters and for peace-filled spirits for each of us. I would have no words to say to the parents of this twenty-three year old who died needlessly because six men couldn’t put a bridle on their lust, except to hold them tight and weep with them, and then resolve to do what I could to bring change to the mindsets of men who act with such evil intent.  But it all begins with the heart—no amount of legislation, gun control or incarceration can eliminate evil, it will rise through other ugly forms.  The change must be in the heart, and only God can make that happen.  Must make that happen!  And so to Him, I say, use me; use us, as instruments and agents of change, so that the year 2013 leaves its mark on history as a year of peace, restored joy and indomitable hope.  In the words of Sy Miller & Jill Jackson, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”  Thus with hope, resolve and a renewed willingness to be HIS instrument of change, let us cross over into 2013. 

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