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Home arrow Articles arrow MIRACLES, AND THE MIRACULOUS!

ImageThree days ago my laptop started behaving strangely.  Streaks, horizontal ones, began to dance to a silent staccato on my screen.  I stared in horror, and then sprang into action.  Forums, help pages, and other supportive souls gave advice that ranged from the simple (just do Command D) to the complex (do a hardware reboot.)—nothing worked.  I stared in frustration at those mocking lines, completely flummoxed and clearly out of ideas.  Leaning back in my chair I realized that I had not prayed—had not asked God for help.  I leaned forward, placed my hand on the screen and said: “Lord Jesus, will you please make this screen come back to normal.”  That very moment the dancing lines stopped and my cluttered desktop came into sharp focus.  Wow! Wow! Wow! I yelled, “that’s awesome!  Thank you Lord! 

You know, God continues, every now and then to work supernaturally just to remind us that He is God.  Why doesn’t He do it all the time?  One, because miracles by themselves prove nothing.  Egyptian magicians were able to match most of Moses’ miracles in Pharoah’s court. Two, “God” doesn’t stand for “God on demand,” a man Friday or a Genie waiting to meet our every want and desire.  He sees the big picture and invites us to trust Him for the whole journey rather than just for the roses along the way. And three, our skepticism often rushes to rationalize the supernatural.  The sad fact is, that minutes after my screen came back to normal, my rational, cynical self tried to take over: coincidence?  Static from my hand? Slow response to a reboot?  Is it any wonder that Jesus rejected the Pharisees demand for a sign, saying: “A wicked and unfaithful generation searches for a sign,” (CEB) and had earlier told His disciples, excited about the power they had had at their disposal in dealing with the demonic, not to “…rejoice because the spirits submit to you. Rejoice instead that your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:20)  And that’s because “He lives within our hearts”--not only assuring us of a heavenly destination, but making available the power that transforms our lives “one day at a time.”

But, here I am, my laptop working perfectly, my faith enhanced, and looking forward to celebrating the greatest miracle ever—the empty tomb, and its eternal consequences for humanity. 

A postscript: I am so thankful that my Faith doesn’t depend on miracles; rather, miracles are just the perks of my Faith.  Happy Easter, Beloved!



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