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Too Inadequate?

Many of us perhaps are quite familiar with the story of Mephibosheth and David's display of grace to him. You would recall that Mephibosheth was lame in both legs as result of a childhood injury incurred when his maid was running with him and tripped while trying to flee the palace after Jonathon's death. David of course had made a pact with Jonathon assuring him of his love even after Jonathon's expected demise.

Now some time later with his enemies subdued and the kingdom at relative calm, David remembers his promise and seeks out any remaining offspring of Jonathon that he might fulfill his oath. Consequently he finds Mephibosheth and brings him from penury and obscurity to the king's own court seating him at the king's own table. This episode providing us with a real demonstration of what the Lord has done for us, taking us who had no right or hope of ever sitting at the kings table and inviting us to His table and even clothing us in robes of His righteousness.

This is especially true as we come around his table, a table that he has prepared for us and where he is the unseen host. However as I read the account recently what caught my eye was the last verse which reads like this: " And Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the king's table, and he was crippled in both feet." - 2 Samuel 9:13 What struck me was what must have been Mephibosheth's continuing perspective. Here he was a grandson of Saul, the only mitigating factor being he was Jonathon's son, in David's court surrounded by David's retinue the same passage tells us that David's sons were there too, strutting their stuff all around him and here he is sitting at the king's table but still lame in both his feet.

Ever felt inadequate? Put yourself in Mephibosheth's shoes (pardon the cruel pun, it was unintended), imagine yourself incapacitated, a rank outsider surrounded by Adonis Absalom with his glowing mane, lusty Ammon and the gorgeous Tamar among others could you feel more inadequate? This too not just once but daily, if you have ever been in a function out of ones comfort zone you know what I am talking about. Surrounded by high society with glittering jewels, you wish you could just disappear? That is how I believe Mephibosheth must have felt a lot of the time, and how sometimes we too can feel even in the Lord's presence.

Even though we know he has accepted us, we know that he loves us; we can't really believe that we belong here. The past taps us on the shoulder and reminds us that this is holy ground and we are most unholy. We see spiritual giants all around us some with dashing mien and we feel we will never account for anything, but most of all we feel our continued weaknesses, the lameness still bothers us and others seem so 'unlame' that we are ready to pack it up and head back to obscurity.

That is where I find this story so encouraging, the crippling effects of this life do not go away this side of glory, our inadequacies will always remain, but we can eat at the kings table along with all his other sons because he has made a place for us there, and because we eat at his table daily (and this is important) we can live in Jerusalem the kings city rather than the hovel from which he has called us.

This is grace, amazing grace on a daily basis, not just given but also appropriated on a daily basis.


Nathan Andrews 

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