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Kingdom Authority

Last Sunday when we were singing ‘Majesty’ the phrase ‘kingdom authority, flows from his throne, unto his own’ caught my attention. Like so many oft-repeated phrases this has always sounded nice but this time it suddenly stood out and begged the question what authority and if it flows to all his own, why do I feel particularly ‘unauthorised’? Even my dog questions my authority!

Not coming up with any ready answers, I went back to Revelation 4, which is the inspiration for the song as well as the writings of Jack Hayford who wrote the song and is an extremely gifted teacher. Here are some lessons gleaned.

Revelation 4 is an invitation into the throne room of heaven, and includes John’s effort at describing the cherubim- the living creatures situated nearest God’s heavenly seat of universal authority.

Jack Hayford writes of his experience with applying Acts 13:2 “As they ministered to the Lord [a description of a church at worship] and fasted, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Now separate to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them [an introduction to the church in evangelism]’”. He goes on to testify how after setting himself and his congregation to live out an open, forthright, unconfirmed to this world worship style as a people, there was a remarkable visitation of God’s presence among them. Immediately, a remarkable increase began taking place in the number of decisions for Christ…even without focusing on evangelism.

I believe that this exemplifies the principal involved, for having prioritised worship, the Holy Spirit rewarded with a wonderful sense of God’s presence descending upon the congregation, in that atmosphere people regularly came to Christ, truly a sense of “kingdom come”. Revelation 4 shows us how the King comes so majestically wherever he is worshipped.

A few points to remember:

  1. In each biblical description of God’s throne, two things are mentioned: His glory and the presence of these unusual angelic beings (Is 6, Ez 1, Rev 4).
  2. The positions of these four are central to the throne—in immediate proximity to it and round about the throne, that is at four points closely surrounding it (Rev 4:6).
  3. They lead and stimulate praise, and seek to draw all the earth into chorus with their worship of the Creator (Is6: 3).

With these thoughts converging Hayford says ‘I saw that in a wonderful way, in the invisible realm, the congregation’s worship had brought our tiny house of worship into biblical alignment with the throne of God. Our commitment to worship had aligned us with God’s address.’

The worship of God’s people can establish an alignment with His throne that in effect actually puts Him in their midst in grace and power. Whether an individual, a family or a congregation a commitment to align to that throne can open the way to “kingdom come”. “All power” flows from His throne, and worship is the way of approach and of welcoming the One in whom “all power in heaven and earth” is vested.

I have to admit for me self pity often takes precedence over worship, powerlessness over empowerment with depressing consequences.


Nathan Andrews 




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