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A Sunset for Me

Stepping out of my office building after a tiring day I took the back way out. As I started walking towards the train station the sea breeze hit me and I looked up into the sky. Evening skies are always beautiful, but this one seemed like nothing I'd ever seen before.

I was supposed to be at another place soon, but the sunset sky seemed so inviting-as if God was calling me, saying,"I want to show you something."

Deciding that a few minutes off from my busy schedule wouldn't hurt, I crossed the busy road and hit the promenade at the sea front, and suddenly, there seemed to be nothing between the amazingly beautiful evening sky just after the sun had set, and me.

The sky was bathed in beautiful soft orange hues, and the clouds-I've never seen clouds before in such stark lines and shapes--it truly seemed like something out of this world. As I stood there, immersed in the beauty of that moment, I sensed Him saying, "I made this sunset for you, to show you just how much I love you, and how much I care for you. That's how special you are to me."

My thoughts went back to that afternoon at work, when I was struggling with guilt over my past, when I had deliberately disobeyed God and had gone my own way. That afternoon, I was reaping the consequences of what I had done,and the joy of forgiveness and restoration seemed so distant I thought I'd never have it.

But as I stood at the sea front that evening and enjoyed the beautiful sunset sky He made for me, it struck me that while the consequences were real and they had to be experienced, His forgiveness was real too. Why else would He make a sunset for me?

Why else--because He still loved me more than anyone else did, and because He still gave me the ability to appreciate the beautiful evening sky He had painted. And that was a gift that could only come from Him, on that sea front where there were so many others, busy with their thoughts, busy exchanging sweet nothings with a loved one, trying to slim down-doing everything but appreciating the splendour of that evening sky and the One who created it.

As I thanked Him for His forgiveness and love and for reminding me just how much He cared, the sky slowly darkened and the orange hues gradually gave way to an inky black as night set in. And that's when He reminded me there would also be a tomorrow-a new sunrise, a new day, a new beginning. One that I could call restoration.


Ivor Soans 

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