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Seize the Day

One of the challenges in my life has been to bring down the high percentage of things I would like to do, but never get down to doing. I have realized many times and reminded myself quite often that the gap between good intentions and well-executed actions is large and damning. I remember reading a story about a lady who went up to a concert pianist after a flawlessly executed recital and gushed: “Oh, what I’d give to play like you.” To which the maestro responded with utter disdain for courtesy and political correctness: “No, you won’t! Because you would never give up your easy going life style to practice ten hours each day to play like me.”

How true. It is infinitely easier to wish things into our lives than to make them happen. Because making things happen, or doing something, requires effort and discipline and purpose--requires us to move out of comfort zones, move in to realigning schedules and re-mapping priorities. All of which is not easy to do. Instead , it is easier to put our life on autopilot and sail along with decisions that are made for us and not by us. Life in the default mode--undisturbed, uninterrupted, untouched and intact. And that attitude of the heart sometimes drives our spiritual lives.

We are enamoured with medals forgetting that they were earned in the trenches. We are arm-chair Christians-in for the ride and out for any type of hard work. How well I remember a day almost twenty years ago when I went to pick up a friend on my scooter. Coming down from the airport I had a flat tyre. As I got out my tool kit and prepared to change the wheel, my friend nonchalantly enquired of me whether there was anything he could do to help without getting his hands dirty! The look I gave him, sufficed as an answer, and yet I am reminded that so often we want the good things without the hard work. We want to see change in our habits but we’re not willing to take the first steps in breaking them. Instead our constant refrain is “Lord, help me” which should in actuality mean “Lord, do it for me!” Or, “Lord, I would love to know Your Word,” and then hope that there was some supernatural way in which I could just miraculously remember His words.

I want the spirituality without the spiritual discipline. I want to see power without getting acquainted with the Power Source. I want to see victories without the battles and the list could go on…. But this attitude of the heart is so different from what I read in His Word. The glory of that resurrection morning came after the Victory of the Cross. The Victory of the Cross came after the agony of Gethsemane. And the Agony of Gethsemane was preceded by the almost suicidal (from a human perspective) decision to go back into Jerusalem. Nothing happened by default. Everything happened according to plan, including the decision to: “leave the splendour of heaven, knowing His destiny, was a lonely hill called Golgotha, where He laid down His life for me.”

But the chorus of this old familiar song might just hold the key. The songwriter goes on to say: “If that isn’t love…” If that isn’t love. Wow, can love be the key? It was love for the world that made Jesus deliberately take His life and chart it according to the will of the Father. Can love change me from a drifter with no agenda, no purpose, no direction, no commitment to one who seeks the Father’s will, embraces the Father’s purpose, lives by the Father’s commitment and enjoys the Father’s good pleasure? Love for God? Can I fall so fully in love with God that I can say with Jesus “…nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done.” Can my old ways of aimless drifting be changed into one of purpose and direction? Can I take a stand against mediocre living and scale the heights, take the oars in my hand and direct my course according to the Master’s Plan for my life? Yes, yes and yes! We can and we must. We must move away from drifting. We must be willing to get dirty. We must be willing to make things happen. We must be willing to set our eyes on that Master plan and come what may, Go for broke. Karpe Diem, my friends. Let’s SIEZE THE DAY!


Pastor, Rev. Dr. Cecil Clements 

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