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The 2008 Challenge

There’s something quite relentless about time.  Its arrival is prompt. Its stay is bounded and its departure final and conclusive.  In the words of a song from a bygone era, the lyricist could well have been discussing time as he writes: “Now you see me, now you don’t, I’ve come and gone….”  Or to borrow a phrase from the playtime of young children: “Ready or not, here I come!”  Indeed, the old adage is true: Time and Tide waits for no man.  

It’s a New Year! 2007 is history, 2008 has arrived—new, unblemished, untainted, unused—ready to be imprinted with the pinnacles of human accomplishment or with the depths of human depravity and decadence;  ready to be inscribed with the courageous deeds of some or the cowardly failures of others; ready to record the invincibility of the human spirit or the lackluster mediocrity of drifted living.  Yes, three hundred and sixty-five, NO, three hundred and sixty-six days, my friends for us to write our history.  What will it be?  Will the footprints we leave in the sands of time record that a man or woman of significance passed this way.  Or even more, that while we passed through the highway of time others benefited? That humanity is better because of our journey?  Thoughts to ponder as a New Year dawns, open and inviting.  

I have come to view time as an open book placed before us, whose pages turn at regular intervals, regardless of whether we write on them or not.  Drifting through life doesn’t merit an entry.  Letting circumstances and situations chart our course isn’t the stuff that adorns the pages of time.  What does embellish time is human achievements; the victories over mind and body; grasped opportunities to speak when others would rather remain silent.  Fighting sloth and handicaps and adversities to create and overcome and defeat.  Modeling lives that inspire.  Raising the bar on accomplishments.  Finding time to care and love and cherish those things that God has placed in our paths.  And to pass on to this generation and the next that for life to be lived, really lived, it must be preceded by a will that will not accept the status quo; an attitude that is ever  positive, a tenacity to stay in the race and a burning desire to finish well.     

A “cloud of witnesses” have gone ahead modeling for us how life is to be lived.  Not just Biblical characters like Moses and Joshua and Joseph, Peter and Paul and John but others through successive centuries who have refused to accept the status quo, refused to be cowed down by “love” of life; men and women like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who stood up against Nazi indoctrination, Fanny Crosby who overcame blindness to write over 6000 hymns and Helen Keller, who when asked, “What would be worse than being born blind?”  replied, “to have sight without vision.”  

Where is God leading you, my brother, my sister?  What plans does He have for you?  Are you walking in a way that His plans become your inheritance or have you thrown in the towel and settled for something less, something more comfortable, something less demanding?  

A New year looms ahead.  Where are you headed?  Are you thinking big?  Are you thinking significant?  Are you going to make your life count?  Let History say that you left indelible, inspiring footprints in the sands of time.  Footprints worth following, and a life worth emulating.   Paul would add one line of encouragement for us as we begin this New Year: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13)  To which we can all add: Amen and Amen! So, Karpé diem, my friends—let’s seize the year!



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