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The Call

He walked up to me one day, looked me straight in the eye and said: “You know, this music thing is OK, but I think you ought to be a Pastor.”  My jaw dropped, I looked at him through glazed eyes and began to feel my stress level mounting.  He smiled, put his arm around me, gave me a hug and walked away.  But I had to sit, find a quiet place to bring my fiercely beating heart back to normal rhythms again.  I looked upward helplessly, trying to mimic the look of Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof, sarcastically asking the good Lord whether it would “…spoil some vast eternal plan if he was a rich man.”  Only in my case I wondered if it would spoil some vast eternal plan if I just remained in music.  That’s why I had gone to the US to study and yet increasingly I was finding myself wrestling with this idea that God was calling me into the Pastoral ministry.  And I was running—scared, and in different directions.  My objections went up like arrows shot in quick succession, but fell back around me blunted by the growing certainty that God at least, had made up His mind.

Three weeks later I stood in a line in front of the registrar’s office, clutching in my hand the classes I was planning to take in the Fall.  Behind me the line snaked all the way along the corridor round the Financial Aid office and carried on out of sight.  Another few minutes and the line deposited me in front of the lady clearing the registrations.  She took my paper, punched in a couple of keys and then looked up at me with a look that said, I’m sorry, but that particular class is full.  It was a Worship course that I had been hoping to get in.  Hands on her chin she looked at me waiting for my second choice.  I had none—the only alternatives were not alternatives for me.  Seeing my hesitation she whipped out a catalogue expertly flipped to the relevant pages and then triumphantly looked up at me and said: “Why don’t you take preaching?”  I felt the familiar pressure begin to mount, that sense of being cornered once again and in a barely audible voice whispered “No, I don’t want preaching.”   She looked at me quizzically and then asked “Why not?”  “Because I don’t want preaching,” I replied, as firmly as I could.  Leaning back in her chair, quite oblivious to the long line of students waiting for her attention, she smiled and said: “But it will meet your requirements.”  The tightening in my chest was now joined by the pounding of my heart and the dryness in my mouth.  To say that I felt cornered would have been the understatement of the year.  Desperately looking for a saviour I realized the Lord was better represented that day than me.  Out of her office came the Registrar, took in the situation in a moment and jokingly asked her assistant whether I was giving her a hard time.  Smilingly she told the Registrar my dilemma, and then I heard those dreaded words. “Sign him up for preaching,” she said, “Chuck’s taking the class and you’ll enjoy him.”   This last was towards me.  Chuck, you see was her husband and the Preaching professor for this class.  One minute later I stepped away from the desk loosely holding a piece of paper that stated that I was officially signed up for Preaching 610.  I walked out in a daze unable to make sense of this turn of events.  Somehow, I knew a battle had been won, but I wasn’t yet a part of the victory celebrations.

Sometimes, Beloved that’s the journey.  God calls, and we demur, not sure of the call, not wanting the call or just comfortable with what we’re doing. “Don’t rock my boat, Lord” is our desperate cry.  As I look back on my journey though, the first step was the hardest, but having taken that step everything else began to fall in place including a love and excitement for what I’m doing that is unparalleled.   Moses faced that moment in front of the burning bush; Gideon faced it at the winepress; and maybe you’re facing it too.  You sense the call of God upon your life but it’s too scary, too uncertain, too risky or too outrageous, and you’ve dug your heels resolutely in the ground and resist his invitation to a new life, a fresh start or a new challenge.  Yet, dear friends the fallout of resisting the will of the Lord is an absence of peace, because deep inside even if no one else knows, you know that you’re not doing what He wants you to do.

Today, almost twelve years since that day outside the registrar’s office I can honestly say that I am enjoying what I’m doing and that there’s never been a day of regret.  Music still is an integral part of my life, but a distant second to preaching His Word and shepherding His flock.  But, what about you?  Are you at crossroads in your life?  Have you lost the Peace and Joy that can only come from being in the centre of His will?  If so, Beloved, a word from His Word—don’t lean on your own understanding.  Trust instead the inner voice of His Spirit calling you to “…go where He wants you to go, say what He wants you to say, do what He wants you to do,” and you will find that you are all that He wants you to be.  May the Lord strengthen you.


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