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Cross-Atlantic Musings

The COVE was all I expected it to be—and more!  The Billy Graham Retreat Centre, all of 1500 acres, nestled in the mountains of Ashville, North Carolina, played host to 150 preachers, administrators, businessmen and Asbury seminary faculty and staff, meeting to cast the vision for the Seminary’s onward progress in offering quality, relevant and cutting-edge theological education.  But as one walked across the grounds, in and through the buildings or rode the bus from centre to room, one couldn’t help being confronted with the life, ministry and legacy of this “spiritual giant” called Billy Graham.

I remember reading a book about him in the late nineties about forty years of crusades and admiring his passion, his persistence and his very apparent love for the Lord.  In fact I vividly recall reading of his conversation with Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea during the infamous exposés of a couple of tele-evangelists, and how they had knelt down in their hotel room and covenanted with each other that they would not bring “disrepute” to the sweet Name of Jesus.  As a new Pastor on the block, I was challenged and motivated to do the same.

What made me marvel, however, was his legacy.  After decades of faithful ministry, of criss-crossing the globe several times and taking advantage of every opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions, Billy Graham, now in an advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease and grieving the loss of his wife, Ruth Bell Graham, will be remembered for long after he is able to personally contribute anything more to this generation.  The reason?  Visionary Leadership!  Leadership that has looked beyond his own life time to generations that will follow and enjoy, benefit and be motivated by one man’s life of devotion and obedience to the Lord he has loved and served.

When all is said and done, and the final curtain comes down on our lives, what will be left behind, etched for posterity on the sands of time?

I then moved to Kansas City to be with Rich Stevenson and Rodney Henderson, at the IHOP (International House of Prayer) where they both serve.  What a move of God, what a God-given vision that Mike Bickel, founder of IHOP has been faithful to establish!  Believing a call from God to once again put in place 24/7 worship as in the time of David, Harp & Bowl prayer and worship has been punctuating the heavenlies incessantly for the last eight years.

How thrilling, Beloved, to walk into the prayer room at any time—day or night—and find young people leading in worship and prayer!  I was captivated—again. I have been to IHOP thrice since its inception and am amazed each time at the passion and commitment of young people (some fresh out of school) for the worship of God.  IHOP is staffed by 450 interns, leaders and faculty, all of which have raised their own support to be a part of this movement.  If worship is going to occupy our time in eternity, the regenerated time of our life seems like a good place for a dress rehearsal!

This life and the next; this generation and the next; our obedience, our commitment, our passion and love for Him; divine purposes and enduring legacies are some of the thoughts I’ve been preoccupied with—I offer them to you, to examine and to engage and to see the difference when “His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven!




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