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Mumbai 400079
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Ph: 91 22 2572 4191

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Rev. Dr. Cecil Clements,
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Cross-Cultural Musings

One day his heart began to break, the memories came rushing back—pictures of his childhood, his school, teen years in a foreign country, different looking friends and an alien culture flashed across his mind.   And quietly in the midst of those memories, God broke through and birthed something that he never thought was possible—a love for a country that he had left far behind, both in memories and in distance.  His next step would be determined by his desire for the will and purposes of God over against memories and associations that had not been very pretty.  He obeyed, and the rest is history.  

Ten years later he has made trips into India almost every other year and seen the love that God birthed, grow and mature into almost a passion.   Obedience, as it turned out, resulted in Dr. Steve Seamands returning each time with friends who have equipped, prepared, refreshed and motivated caregivers to return to their ministries with renewed zeal and enthusiasm.

During the last four days I have watched six beautiful servants of God, give of themselves to seventy five counsellors in Mumbai, teaching and empowering them to do what they’re doing in deeper, more effective ways, and I have been humbled.  They bought their own tickets, took off from their vocations and offered themselves to the Lord.  He took them, anointed them with fire from heaven and used them to illustrate powerfully the Kingdom consequences of obedience.

I’ve been thinking, church, what do you think God is inviting you to do?  What has He birthed in your heart that right now is just a seed, yet has the potential to be an oak.  What has He ruffled up from your past that needs to be redeemed and/or re-channeled?  Or, if I can be more direct, what Kingdom “activity” isn’t happening because you haven’t responded to His call.

We’ve been blessed because others have given.  It’s time now to give, so that others can be blessed.  As Carol Owens has written: “Freely, freely you have received—freely, freely give.”  Is it time?  Is the knocking on your heart’s door getting more incessant?  Is He trying to get your attention?  God birthed love in Steve Seamands’ heart.  What has He birthed in yours?



P.S. To Steve and our dear friends: Steve and Carol, Martin and Sharon and Kathy—thank you for giving to the Lord, and to us! God’s richest upon you and your loved ones.


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