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Divine Moments

It’s 9:00 p.m. on a Wednesday prayer meeting.  The singing is muted the prayers are whispered and the mood is somber.  The reason?  We’ve just been informed that the Bhavani Industrial Gala is no longer available to us for Sunday worship.  We’re searching…for answers, for solutions for direction from the Lord.

A nudging in my spirit alerts me to a prompting: “How badly do we want a place of worship?” “How important is it for us?”  “And would we be willing to put our money where our needs were?”   I began to feel uncomfortable; I didn’t like the direction of these thoughts; I needed to know whether God was speaking.  I left the room, walked into the office (at home at that time) and sought the Lord.  The feeling grew stronger, more intense, that God was interested in how much and how badly we wanted to have a place of worship in Powai.  I went out on a limb.  I had never talked about giving at CAP, but the time had come.  I went back into the room, looked at the group and shared with them what I was sensing.  I then told them that I was going to place a bowl in the middle of the room on the carpet and each one, after prayerful consideration, was to write down how much beyond their normal giving, they were committing to, so we could go out and rent another place.  

The whirring of the fan was the only noise that dared intrude this “divine moment” as the Holy Spirit moved silently in the hearts of eighteen CAP members.  Finally the silence was broken as someone reached for a pen and paper, wrote a figure, folded the paper and placed it in the bowl.  What followed is still etched deep in my memory as everyone in the room, children included, made a financial commitment to the Lord, underscoring our commitment to be His Presence in this part of Mumbai.  

The commitment that day was eighteen thousand and thirty rupees a month—that was what we were willing to pay, beyond our normal giving, to find an alternate place of worship.  That day was a red-letter day in the history of The Church at Powai, the ninth of May nineteen hundred and ninety nine.  God offered us a divine moment and we took it.  Erwin McManus says in his inspiring book, Seizing Your Divine Moment, that it is important for us to seize these moments because one “…can never know at the onset all that God intends to do through your simple act of obedience.”

Maybe for some of you perspective needs to be added.  You see, up until that time we were paying twelve hundred rupees a month for the premises.  To pay anything more was unthinkable from a human rational justifiable stand point, but God pointed us to the resources we had in our hands.  Just like to Moses, He enquired of us: “What do you have in your hand?”  And with that he took us to Gambir Villa, from there to Rodas and from there to our present location.  

You see, Beloved, our view is often so myopic we can’t see beyond ourselves, our gifts, our talents and our resources and we are often overwhelmed by those limitations.  God, on the other hand, sees the big picture, the collective wealth of human resources often lying dormant within His church, and He stirs us up, to think big, to think creatively, to think outside the box, to see possibilities rather than limitations, opportunities rather than stumbling blocks so that His church can continue to usher in His Kingdom.  And each time there are kairos moments to nudge us out of our complacency, moments that define us, shape us or propel us to seize these them.  And seize them we must, for moments, however divine, are still framed in the inexorable continuum of time.  

I believe they face us at CAP these days, moments pregnant with opportunity and hope.  These are moments that invite us to be vulnerable, to risk, to go out on a limb; moments to trust Him for provision and direction and faith; moments to chase after dreams and feel the exhilaration of accomplishing God-given tasks.  I believe it’s a time to reflect His holiness, administer His compassion, offer His Grace and be His agent for change.  

The title for John Ortberg’s book says it well: If You want to Walk on Water, You’ve got to get out of the Boat!   Any takers?



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