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For twenty long years he drowned his frustrations and his failures as a parent and husband in the temporal highs that alcohol can offer.  Finally one day, he came “to his senses” lying in a hospital bed, miraculously surviving a head-on collision while driving under the influence (DUI).  He knew that the emptiness in his life could be filled.  He knew that he had been running from the One person who could give his life meaning, and he decided to make amends.  Getting out of hospital, he found the nearest church, and began a journey that would see him eventually become the Sunday School superintendent of that church.  

I had the opportunity to talk to him on numerous occasions, and he always thanked God for his parents, who sent him regularly every Sunday to church and Sunday School classes.   Because, he would add in his inimitable drawl:  “When my world fell in, I knew the way back home.”   But then his eyes would mist, his voice would choke and he would look away, desperately trying to hide the tears flowing freely down his cheeks, and add, through painful sobs: “But my boy doesn’t know the way back home…”

You see, my friend’s son grew up during those days of drunken stupor, and had no one to send him to church and youth group. And the reason for my friend’s tears was that his son had been booked for every kind of juvenile offence under the court system and was presently serving time at the Juvenile detention centre for a knife attack on an opposing gang.   His words haunt me even now: “But my boy doesn’t know the way back home…”

A sobering story, that’s both true, and dismal.  But one that made me resolve to share it often so that we are reminded that our children are a trust from God and that we ought to do everything we can to make sure that their foundation is strong and their values unshakeable.  I had the privilege of growing up in a church that had an excellent Sunday School and to this day I am grateful to my parents for sending me there each week.  You see, there is a time in a child’s life when parents have a great influence on a child’s mind and, more importantly, can monitor to some extent what is good for the child and what is not.  But this stage doesn’t last long, and so, while it does, it is imperative that we do everything to make sure that our kids get good Biblical foundations and value systems that will form the parameters on which to chart their life.  

Life is, after all, about balance, of maintaining harmony and equilibrium in all things, yet so often we encourage a skewed life-style in our kids, believing that a career must happen at the expense of social and religious development.  Tom Patterson in his book Living the Life You were meant to Live, says that there are five domains that contribute towards wholistic living: “Personal, Church, Family, Vocation and Community.” Further, he says, “if you do not live a balanced, focused life in each of these five domains, you cannot fully succeed in carrying out God’s LifePlan (sic).”  The result is that the individual experiences a sense of failure, a lot of “inner tension, which you may perceive as nagging stress, a feeling of frustration, or a sensation that something important is missing in your life.”

How do we keep our lives in balance?  By keeping Christ as the central hub around which these domains revolve.  Dr. Bud Bence, a dear friend, who along with his wife Carol have modeled a balanced lifestyle to hundreds of college students, compares this imagery to a wheel which moves smoothly as long as the spokes are firmly anchored to the central hub.  And that’s how our lives must be, Beloved, and the lives of our children—anchored in Him, our central Hub!  And we need to do it while we still have the chance, and are still an influence in their lives, because the truth is that there are other seductive voices that are already clamouring for their attention and trying to undermine their foundation.

That’s our focus and intention at CAP in offering Sunday school, junior youth and youth gatherings—to make sure our kids have strong foundations as they negotiate the “seductions” of life.  Let’s not have regrets later, on what we should have done.  For now, let’s “…seek first (for our children) His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things (education, career, jobs) shall be added to (them!) you”  (Matthew 6:33)

That’s our mandate, parents: to make sure they attend church youth events; to make sure they listen to good music that you buy for them; to make sure there are enough good, wholesome books around them so that they don’t need to go borrow from their friends and to make sure that God and the things of God stay as the central hub in the wheel of their lives.

Strongly committed to our kids,




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